Arcoprofil is focused on the production of cold forged splined shafts using the “GROB” production method.  The company has over thirty-years of experience in this industrial sector. Our company is owned and operated by two brothers, Roberto and Giorgio Casolin.  Arcoprofil is located in a family owned facility that is 8,000 smq and is located in the industrial area of Santorso, in the province of Vicenza approximately 90 km from Venice, Italy.

In the last years Arcoprofil has concentrated its production in two sectors:

1) Production of shafts for brushcutters (world leader);

2) Production of splined shafts for Trucks, Tractors, Earth Moving Equipment and Industrial applications.

Arcoprofil has two separate production lines, one for brush cutters and the other for various spline shafts. The internal process begins with the cutting of raw material, then on to the machining of various features, heat treatment and grinding as required. The company has the latest technology for induction hardening as well as carburizing.

The Quality Control Laboratory is equipped with inspection equipment and highly trained technicians to ensure processes are stable and quality expectations are met.  We offer 4 different technologies to produce splines: Grob rolling system, Felss Axial Forming (for internal and external splines), CNC Hobbing and Shaping processes.

Arcoprofil employees 100 people working on 3 shifts.  In 2014 total shaft production was 1,700,000 shafts.  About 1,360,000 of the shafts were supplied to the lawn and garden market and 340,000 to other applications. 2017 sales were  € 19,3 million.

Arcoprofil srl
Arcoprofil srl P.I. 03505290241
Via delle Prese, 6 Z.I. 36014 Santorso (VI) ITALY
Tel.  + 39 0445 64 01 56
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Registred at the Chamber of Commerce of Vicenza with N. 03505290241
Share capital € 6.170.000,00 i.v.