At the leading-edge of precision mechanics for over 45 years

The company

Arcoprofil was born in the mid ‘70s as a company specialized in cold forming splined shafts using the GROB system, a technology almost unknown in Italy at that time. Arcoprofil combined the know-how of the technicians and the founder with the most advanced technologies to bring innovation in the whole supply chain. Today, the company can manage internally every step of the production process, including those concerning induction hardening and carburizing, from the cutting of raw material to the end product.

Over the years, Arcoprofil has grown together with the global market and today exports over 99% of its production all over the world, mainly in Germany, Sweden, Brazil and USA.

The company, with its team of 150 specialized employees, supplies the most important manufacturers of heavy vehicles and tractors, leading companies in the automotive, construction, logistics and agriculture sector which deal with the manufacturing of mechanical components, axles and shafts.

Our core values

We are focused on our customers and employees: this is the reason why we invest in technological innovation and safety. We believe in creativity to bring progress and in flexibility to make every change an opportunity for development.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct


We believe that technology brings benefits to our workplace. Every year we invest in new machinery and process mechanization to ensure high performance and more efficiency.


Our employees are our most valuable asset. We care about them and we are focusing in their well-being though offering a healthy, clean and less dangerous environment.


As Italians, we know the value of the family in our life: that’s the reason why we support a good work-life balance for our employees.

outstanding performance

“Hard work pays off”,
Every project deserves
all our attentions and efforts.
Passion and commitment are important components to achive our goals


Partners who rely on us know that all the decisions are carefully evaluated and shared.
We offer prompt assistance and solutions to meet all the expectations


Our versatile approach and the flexible production system guarantee a prompt and timely service. Each customer has the same importance and deserves all our attention.


We believe that to do a good job, we need to be qualified. We invest a lot in training of employees to promote their growth, to increase the skills, to reduce inefficiencies and increase the competitiveness


Reducing the impact of our daily operations is one of our main targets. We dedicate all our efforts to build a sustainable business model and to integrate the sustainability into our strategy