Heat treatments

Medium frequency induction hardening

Induction hardening technology allows us to maximize the performance of steels by enhancing their physical characteristics.

We have no.3 medium frequency induction hardening systems from 1 to 30 KHz with power up to 200 KW, maximum length 2000 mm with steady rests to reduce distortions during the process.

All induction hardening equipment is equipped with process monitoring systems that capture critical process parameters.
The stress relieving treatment is performed in chamber furnaces.

All parts are carefully washed before and after the heat treatment.
If required, parts can be shot blasted to eliminate surface oxidation.

Case hardening & tempering

We have a pit furnace for carburizing and hardening of parts with a maximum length of 2000 mm and max load weight 1 Ton.

The quenching is performed in an oil tank at a controlled temperature and the process is continuously monitored by a computerized system.

Destructive checks are carried out at each charge to ensure compliance with customer quality requirements.

The stress relieving phase is performed into no.2 owen furnaces, max temperature 400°C.

To eliminate the superficial scale that can occur during the hardening phase, the parts are washed, shot blasted and re-washed.

Automatic straightening dept.

We have no.4 automatic CNC straightening presses and all are equipped with QASS equipment for in-process crack detection.

Some of them have UT post process to be able to detect internal defects while 3 of these are served by loading and unloading robots.

Magnetic particle inspection (Magnaflux) is also available for more stringent requirements.