for sustainable development

Sustainability for Arcoprofil

Our sustainability initiatives and our environmental, social and economic policies have achieved
the Gold rating of Ecovadis
and the NQC B rating (SAQ 5.0)

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IMPACT REPORT – our ESG commitment


Our daily commitment aimed at limiting the environmental impact as much as possible. For this reason, on the roof of the production plant, we have installed a photovoltaic system with 3114 panels for a total power of over 1,400KWp. The plant covers about 35% of the energy we consume, allowing us to save 830 tons of CO2/year

Steel is a precious raw material and cannot be wasted. The production scraps are recycled and reintroduced into the production cycle and create new value.
In 2021 we produced 3,000,000 kg of scraps which were recovered and reused in other production chains creating a circular flow.

We encourage our collaborators to increase their skills by offering them tools and opportunities to continue their education.
In 2021 we provided 110 courses for over 3500 hours of training regarding the most relevant topics such as process innovation, safety, energy and environmental protection, quality.

Our policy aims at the selection and enhancement of our collaborators according to their skills and without gender discrimination. Although women are already part of the team, both in the production departments and in managerial roles, we have increased our efforts to promote women’s access to the mechanical sector by funding scholarships to young female students.

Individual well-being is reflected in the whole company. Arcoprofil helps the collaborators to  find the right balance between work and private life, ensuring time flexibility and a considerable freedom of choice.

Our home patch offers a lot: people, resources, infrastructures. Arcoprofil wants to enhance it by supporting and promoting local initiatives looking at a better future and a sustainable development.

Aim to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels such as gas, we have launched a project in collaboration with the waste-to-energy plant of Schio, to connect Arcoprofil to the district heating line.

With the construction of this line, we aim two achieve two goals: an estimated saving of 80% on the annual consumption of methane and a reduction in CO2 emissions by 200 tons. This leads to cost savings and to a further step towards decarbonization.